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Biblically Dispelling the Myth of Eternal Torture

by Dirk Waren

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The bible teaches that those who reject God’s message of reconciliation and gift of eternal life will be cast into the lake of fire, as in complete incineration which is described as “the second death.” This is eternal damnation with no hope of resurrection. The purpose of this book is to examine the Holy Scriptures to determine the precise nature of this “second death” and show why it is the soul’s destruction and not everlasting torment. Thankfully, many biblically sound, evangelical Christians are now coming to realize this important scriptural truth including John Stott, Clark Pinnock and Dr. David Reagan to name a few.

Let me emphasize beforehand that there’s absolutely no disputing the fact that eternal damnation is a horrifying reality in Christian thought. We should take the bible’s repeated warnings of such seriously, and encourage others to do the same.

I do not attempt to prove the existence of God or the reliability of the Judeo-Christian scriptures; such issues are beyond the scope of this writing.

This study is intended for anyone who has an interest in finding out what the bible plainly and consistently teaches about the nature of hell and related subjects (including a fascinating exploration of human nature in Appendix B). So, whether you’re a devoted Christian, a doubting Christian, an agnostic, an atheist—or simply a fellow human being who disdains all such labeling—I welcome you on this journey of discovery.


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Topic: Biblically Dispelling the Myth of Eternal Torture
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John D says...
Author of "Biblically Dispelling the Myth of Eternal Torture" makes many critical exegesis errors The author of "Biblically Dispelling the Myth of Eternal Torture" makes many critical exegesis errors. Furthermore, Jesus Christ didn't call Himself the "light of the world" for no reason. Like sunlight, His words clearly reveal what in Old Testament times were in deep shadow or darkness, including things relating to the afterlife and the fate of soul, spirit and bodies of the saved and unsaved. But instead of using the New Testament sunlight of Christ's words and other New Testament Scripture as a reference, he uses the dim light of the Old Testament Scripture as a reference. Because of this, he has no clue as to what the difference is between "eternal life" and "immortality," nor the difference between "spiritual life" and "spiritual death." He says he "prayerfully" studied the Scriptures--but did he ever ask Jesus Christ to reveal any error in his beliefs, and to give him strength to ... Read More
8th December 2014 8:01pm
James - webmaster says...
In Response to John D John, it seems that you are implying that God kept His people in the dark as to the true nature of death in the Old Testament. Therefore, all those who died would stand before God and He would tell them in essence, "Surprise! I know I told Adam he would surely die but I left out a few details. Death is not destruction as you think of it but rather it is actually eternal torture in the flames of perpetual pain and suffering, in an everlasting pit of horror. I didn't mention it for the first 4000 years because I decided to wait and let My Son reveal that truth to mankind" That would be nonsense. It would be entirely contrary to the nature of God as revealed in Scripture. Scripture, when referencing judgment, more often than not, overstates the case, at least from man's perspective, rather than understates it. Furthermore, if you are going to make the claim that Scripture makes a distinction between eternal life and immortality you need to show ... Read More
8th December 2014 8:04pm
Charles Maples Jr. says...
Master degree in being unworthy Good research, and well written. I'm continually amazed in how I was for so long "duped" by the old paganism doctrine of the immortality of the soul. In the beginning stages, of God opening my eyes to the Truth in the scriptures, I would search for just such; for and opposing arguments about the immortality of the soul. However now, I simply go to the scriptures and rely on the Holy Spirit, and good logic. The scriptures are rich in verses that cannot be taken any other way; but that man is mortal and death is death. Here are a few of my discoveries and logical questions; 1.) If Adam was going to live forever (despite dying in the flesh) then why did God send an Angel to protect the "Tree of Life?" He said himself, that he didn't want man eating from it and "living forever" with his newly found knowledge. God didn't need Adam to die to torment him in hell; if man would have eaten of the tree of life, then God ... Read More
8th December 2014 8:06pm
Robert Wheeler Todd says...
HELL is a wonderful place with green grass and blue skys. Come, let me take you there now
28th February 2015 7:16am
Keith oneal says...
Eternal punishment I don't believe in it explain to me
22nd November 2016 3:48pm
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