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All the Prayers in the Bible

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Old Testament

Paul exhorts us to devote ourselves to prayer (Col 4:2) and to pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17). In reading the Bible, we see that prayer is saturated within God's Word. It impacts important events, interweaving with God's sovereign plan in history. The Bible refers to the word prayer or expresses a prayer in 61 of its 66 books, making close to 1,100 distinct references to and about prayer.

Prayers of the Old Testament - » Prayers of the New Testament

Prayer History Begins Gen 4:26
Prayer and Spiritual Progress Gen 5:21-24
Prayer and the Altar Gen 13:18
Prayer for an Heir Gen 15:3, 8
Prayer—the Language of a Cry Gen 16
Prayer and Revelation Gen 17
Prayer for a Wicked City Gen 18, 19
Prayer after a Lapse Gen 20
Prayer of Obedience Gen 22
Prayer for a Bride Gen 24
Prayer for a Barren Wife Gen 25:19-23
Prayer Changes Things Gen 26
Prayer As a Vow, Gen 28
Prayer about a Wronged Brother Gen 32
Prayer—The Motion of a Hidden Fire Gen 39-41, 45:5-8, 50:20, 24
Prayer for Blessing upon the Tribes Gen 48, 49
Prayer Expressed As a Groan Exod 2:23-25
Prayer As a Dialogue Exod 3, 4
Prayer As Complaint Exod 5-7
Prayer in League with Omnipotence Exod 8-10
Prayer As Praise Exod 15
Prayer in Peril Exod 17
Prayer of the Needy Exod 22:22-24
Prayer for Delay of Deserved Judgment Exod 32
First Prayer of Moses for Israel Exod 32:9-14
Second Prayer of Moses Exod 32:30-34
Third Prayer of Moses Exod 33:12-23
Prayer and Transfiguration Exodus 34
Prayer As Benediction Num 6:24-27
Prayer for Preservation and Protection Num 10:35, 36
Prayer for the Removal of Judgment Num 11:1, 2
Prayer of a Discouraged Heart Num 11:10-35
Prayer of a Meek Man Num 12
Prayer for the Upholding of Divine Honor Num 14
Prayer for Divine Action against Rebellion Num 16
Prayer for Relief from Death Num 21
Prayer and Prophecy Num 23, 24
Prayer for a New Leader Num 27
Prayer for a Privileged Task Deut 3:23-29
Prayer to One Who Is Nigh Deut 4:7
Prayer for the Stay of Judgment Deut 9:20, 26-29
Prayer as a Blessing Deut 21:6-9
Prayer as Thanksgiving Deut 26
Prayer as a Song Deut 32, 33
Prayer as a Challenge Josh 5:13-15
Prayer God Does Not Answer Josh 7
Prayer Neglected with Dire Results Josh 9:14
Prayer That Produced a Miracle Josh 10
Prayer for Direction Judg. 1
Prayer in Time of War Judg. 4, 5
Prayer for Signs Judg. 6
Prayer in Calamity Judg. 10:10-16
Prayer As a Bargain Judg. 11:30-40
Prayer for an Unborn Child Judg. 13
Prayer in the Face of Death Judg. 16:28-31
Prayer Directly Answered Judg. 20:23-28
Prayer for a Lost Tribe Judg. 21:2-3
I Samuel
Prayer without Words I Sam 1
Prayer, Prophetic in Outlook I Sam 2:1-10
Prayer in the Sanctuary I Sam 3
Prayer for National Trouble I Sam 7
Prayer for a King I Sam 8
Prayer As Vindication I Sam 12
Prayer of a Distressed King I Sam 14
Prayer of a Grieved Heart I Sam 15:11
Prayer As a Still Small Voice I Sam 16:1-12
Prayer As the Secret of Courage I Sam 17
Prayer As Enquiry I Sam 23
Prayer for Deaf Ears I Sam 28:7
Prayer for Restoration of War-Spoil I Sam 30
II Samuel
Prayer As to Possession II Sam 2:1
Prayer for Victory Signs II Sam 5:19-25
Prayer for Blessing upon House and Kingdom II Sam 7:18-29
Prayer for a Sick Child II Sam 12
Prayer As Pretense II Sam 5:7-9
Prayer for Understanding of Affliction II Sam 21:1-12
Prayer As a Psalm II Sam 22
Prayer As a Confession of Pride II Sam 24:10-17
I Kings
Prayer for a Wise Heart I Kings 3
Prayer of Dedication I Kings 8:12-61
Prayer for a Withered Hand I Kings 13:6
Prayer for Closed Skies I Kings 17
Prayer for Resurrection of Dead Son I Kings 17:20-24
Prayer for Divine Honor I Kings 18:16-41
Prayer and Perseverance I Kings 18:45
Prayer for Death I Kings 19
II Kings
Prayer for a Dead Child II Kings 4:32-37
Prayer for Vision II Kings 6:13-17
Prayer for Deliverance from Defiant Foes II Kings 19
Prayer for Longer Life II Kings 20:1-11
I Chronicles
Prayer for Spiritual Prosperity I Chron 4:9, 10
Prayer As Trust I Chron 5:20
Prayer of Fear I Chron 13:12
Prayer for Establishment of Covenant I Chron 17:16-27
Prayer Answered by Fire I Chron 21
Prayer as a Sentinel I Chron 23:30
Prayer and Giving I Chron 29:10-19
II Chronicles
Prayer in National Danger II Chron 14:11
Prayer and Reform II Chron 15
Prayer and Appeal to History II Chron 20:3-13
Prayer of Penitence II Chron 33:13
Prayer of Thanksgiving Ezra 7:27, 28
Prayer and Fasting Ezra 8:21-23
Prayer and Confession Ezra 9:5-10:4
Prayer Born of Distress Neh 1:4-11
Prayer in a Tight Corner Neh 2:4
Prayer for Deliverance from Reproach Neh 4:1-6
Prayer Triumphing Over Anger Neh 4:7-9
Prayer and Restitution Neh 5
Prayer against Craft Neh 6:9-14
Prayer and the Word Neh 8:1-13
Prayer and God's Goodness Neh 9
Prayer for Remembrance Neh 13:14, 22, 29, 31
The Watchful Care of God
Prayer of Resignation Job 1:20-22
Prayer for Pity Job 6:8, 9, 7:17-21
Prayer for Justification Job 9
Prayer, Job's Against Injustice Job 10
Prayer for Light on Immortality Job 14:13-22
Prayer and Profit Job 21:14-34
Prayer and Reason Job 23
Prayer Answered by Whirlwind Job 38
Prayer As Confession Job 40:3-5, 42:1-6
Prayer As Intercession Job 42:7-10
The Psalms
Prayer Born of Rebellion Ps 3
Prayer of Holiness Ps 4
Prayer As a Morning Watch Ps 5
Prayer for Divine Action Ps 7
Prayer of Praise for Divine Action Ps 8
Prayer for Preservation Here and Hereafter Ps 16
Prayer of the Cross Ps 22
Prayer for Shepherd Care Ps 23
Prayer for the Manifestation of Divine Glory Ps 24
Prayer as Ascent to God Ps 25
Prayer of a Believing Heart Ps 27
Prayer As a Cameo of Christ Ps 31
Prayer of a Tragic Soul Ps 32
Prayer for Protection against Enemies Ps 35
Prayer in Praise of Loving-kindness Ps 36
Prayer of a Pilgrim Ps 39
Prayer and Its Accomplishment Ps 40
Prayer in Deep Distress Ps 41
Prayer As a Door of Hope Pss 42, 43
Prayer for Divine Assistance Ps 44
Prayer for a Refuge Ps 46
Prayer of a Broken Heart Ps 51
Prayer at All Times Ps 55
Prayer of Distress Ps 57
Prayer of Trust Ps 71
Prayer for God Himself Ps 73
Prayer of a Pilgrim Pss 90, 91
Prayer As Praise for God's Greatness Ps 96
Prayer for Escape from Trials Pss 102, 103, 105
Prayer of Remembrance Ps 106
Prayer for Those in Perils on Sea Ps 107
Prayer and Affinity to Scripture Pss 19, 119
Prayer for Searching of Heart Ps 139
Prayers as the Channel of Wisdom
Prayer and Fatalism
Song of Solomon
Prayer's Secret
Prayer God Does Not Hear Isa. 1:15, 16:12
Prayer and Cleansing Isa. 6
Prayer for a Sign Isa. 7:11
Prayer of Exaltation Isa. 12
Prayer of Praise for Triumphs Isa. 25
Prayer for Peace Isa. 26
Prayer and Confidence Isa. 41
Prayer and Practice Isa. 55
Prayer Unpopular to Many Isa. 59
Prayer — Watcher Isa. 62
Prayer for Display of Divine Power Isa. 63, 64
Prayer As Confession of Inability Jer 1
Prayer As Mourning for Backsliding Jer 2, 3
Prayer As Complaint Jer 4:10-31
Prayer of Lament over Rebellion Jer 5
Prayer from a Prison Jer 6
Prayer Forbidden Jer 7:16
Prayer for Justice Jer 10:23-25
Prayer of Perplexity Jer 12:1-4
Prayer for Relief from Sin and Drought Jer 14:7-22
Prayer for Divine Vengeance Jer 15:15-21
Prayer for Confusion of Enemies Jer 16:19-21, 17:13-18
Prayer for Overthrow of Evil Counsel Jer 18:18-23
Prayer of a Despairing Heart Jer 20:7-13
Prayer of Gratitude for DivineGoodness Jer 32:16-25
Prayer for a Believing Remnant Jer 42
Prayer of Pain Lam 1:20-22
Prayer for Pity Lam 2:19-22
Prayer As Complaint Lam 3147
Prayer for the Oppressed Lam 5
Prayer As Protest Ezek 4:14
Prayer for Preservation of Residue Ezek 9:8-11
Prayer Sanctuary Ezek 11:13-16
Prayer for Interpretation Dan 2:17, 18
Prayer in Defiance of Decree Dan 6:10-15
Prayer of Confession Dan 9
Prayer and Its Spiritual Results Dan 10
Prayer for Light on One's End Dan 12:8-13
Prayer —Its Many Sidelights
Prayer in Emergency Joel 1:19, 20
Prayer and Weeping Joel 2:17
Prayer for Respite and Forgiveness, Amos 7:1-9
Prayer Absent in This Brief Book
Prayer of Heathen Sailors Jonah 1:14-16
Prayer Out of Hell Jonah 2
Prayer of a Repentant City Jonah 3
Prayer of a Displeased Prophet Jonah 4
Prayer Is Looking and Waiting
Prayer Finds No Place in This Book of Judgment
Prayer of Complaint and Vindication Hab 1:1-4, 12-17
Prayer of Faith Hab 3
Prayers Absent But Implied
Prayer Assumed, Not Mentioned
Prayer Aspects
Prayer — Protest One Mal 1:2
Prayer — Protest Two Mal 1:6
Prayer — Protest Three Mal 1:7, 13
Prayer — Protest Four Mal 2:17
Prayer — Protest Five Mal 3:17
Prayer - Protest Six Mal 3:8

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