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Conditional Immortality Audio Files

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Absent from the Body - Hilbourne & Wark
A Comprehensive Case for Conditional Immortality - Chris Date -
Debate - Annihilation vs Eternal Torment - Chris Date and Joshua Whipps -
Dr. Glenn Peoples responds to traditonal arguments against Conditionalism -
Edward Fudge - Voice of Reason Radio
How I Became a Conditionalist - Dr. John H. Roller -
Immortality - The Doctrine of Demons - Charles Welch
Jesus' Teaching on Hell - Samuel G. Dawson
Life and Immortality - Basil Atkinson
Rethinking Hell - Interview with Edward Fudge -
The Destiny of Man - Philip Edgcumbe Hughes
The Origin of Hell-fire in Christian Teaching
The Rich Man and Lazarus - Samuel G. Dawson
The Thief in Paradise - Hilbourne & Wark
The History of Hell - Dr. John H. Roller -
What is the Soul? - Voice of Reason Radio
What is Conditional Immortality?- A Biblical Defense of Conditional Immortality


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Comments (4)

Topic: Hell According to Scripture - mp3 Audio Files
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Tedford says...
Thanks for the debate on Annihilationism vs. Eternal Torment. I haven\'t finished listening but I am amazed at the traditionalist holding to the immortal souls position avoiding the clear scriptures and using philosophical \"reasoning\" in his supposed arguments. He sure doesn\'t seem to want to simply use the scriptures to interpret the scriptures and let them speak for themselves. I\'ll post more comments when the debate is over. The \"meaning of the facts\" (as he keeps repeating) are in the scriptures that his ego won\'t seem to see.
6th March 2016 8:16am
Tom davis says...
HI, I use to be able to click on a prompt button to listen to the audio files. They seem to have disappeared so I cant listen to them anymore. Do you know how I can get the prompts back? The same thing happened when changed their site. i never listen to them anymore now because i could never figure how to get the listening prompts back. Hope this doesn\'t happen with your site. Your info on hell is the best. Thanks.
6th March 2016 8:17am
Hannah says...
More Debates

I think it\'s important to know why you are following Christianity. I love apologetics and defending what I believe. More debates please! John Lennox, William Lane Craig preferably
6th March 2016 8:19am
James - Webmaster says...

Hannah, under \"Apologetics\" on the menu at the top of this page you will find many debates by John Lennox, William Lane Craig, etc.
6th March 2016 8:21am
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