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We never hear Jesus, Paul, John, Peter, James, or any other New Testament writer ever use the term "backslide." READ MORE   >>>
The idea of age segregation and youth ministry is foreign to Scripture. It is not illustrated or legitimized by biblical principle. READ MORE   >>>
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The Deathbed Regrets
of a Nominal Christian
Deathbed Regrets Play Video
Christ the only way
Why Christ is the Only Way
Run from false teachers
Run from false teachers
Run from false teachers
Are you ready for Judgment Day?
Al Martin
Edifying Quotes
Leonard Ravenhill
House Church
The Biblical House Church
The True Meaning
of Faith
Martin Luther
Who are your friends
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Featured Articles: Rethinking traditions - Study to show thyself approved . . . - 2 Timothy 2:15
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  • Another look at the man in Romans 7
    When considering the topic of sin, the passage most often used to defend its pervasiveness in the Church is that of Romans 7:14-25. Is Paul speaking of a believer, an unbeliever, or something else entirely?
  • Is the Christian a Saint, a Sinner, or both? - (with audio)
    We find the term “sinner” used exclusively in Scripture of those who walk in rebelliousness to God. It is never used in reference to a believer but of those who habitually practice sin, are impious, ungodly, without reverence for God, not merely irreligious, but acting in contravention of God's demands.
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  • Church Leaders and the Use of Honorific Titles
    The Lord Jesus, in Matthew 23, plainly forbids His followers from either giving or receiving honorific titles.Yet, in spite of the clarity of Jesus' command, Christians have historically ignored His words.
  • The Christian and Entertainment - (with audio)
    All the emphasis in our society is on having a good time. Forgotten is the truth that God has put man on earth to work. Life is viewed as a playground rather than a workplace or a battlefield.
  • Is preaching in the Church biblical?
    This study shows that when the Bible speaks of preaching, it is speaking of what we would call evangelism and missions, not of a pastor delivering a sermon to a church group.
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