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Immortality or Resurrection

Books that will challenge your current Biblical perspective.
The Fire That Consumes
The Parousia
The Biblical Church
Clinging to a Counterfeit Cross

Samuele Bacchiocchi, Ph. D., Andrews University

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Debate Over Human Nature And Destiny

Chapter 2 - The Old Testament View Of Human Nature

Chapter 3 - The Biblical View Of Death

Chapter 4 - Hell: Eternal Torment Or Annihilation?

Comments by Biblical Scholars

Immortality or Resurrection? provides a fresh, challenging, and thorough review of biblical teaching on human nature and destiny. It is clear, readable, and provocative, and deserves to be widely read. - Colin Brown, Ph. D., Professor of Systematic Theology - FULLER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY - Rector of St. Mark Episcopal Church

Immortality or Resurrection? is a much needed book in order to combat the persistent but mistaken opinion that the soul is an immortal substance. I thank the author for this decisive study. - Clark H. Pinnock, Ph. D., Professor of Theology - McMASTER DIVINITY COLLEGE

Immortality or Resurrection? is a powerful presentation of the Biblical wholistic view of human nature and destiny. The book is convincing, comprehensive, and consistently Biblical. - Jacques Doukhan, D. H. L., Th. D., Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament - ANDREWS UNIVERSITY

Immortality or Resurrection? is a must reading for scholars, educated professionals, and lay people interested in the question of human nature and destiny. I found it most rewarding and timely. - John T. Baldwin, Ph. D., Professor of Theology. - ANDREWS UNIVERSITY

Immortality or Resurrection? is a groundbreaking work based on solid biblical exegesis, calling into question the traditional belief in the immortality of the human soul and the doctrine of unending eternal torment for the wicked. I want all of my students to be aware of this timely study. - Ray S. Anderson, Ph. D., Professor of Theology and Ministry - FULLER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY

I praise God for the clear, persuasive, powerful and Biblical sound treatment of the subject of human nature and destiny found in Immortality or Resurrection? It is the best book I have seen. I will use this book with every interested person with whom I study God's Word. I am eager to write a recommendation to the local conference presidents and ministerial secretaries within the Pacific Union, urging them to give this book as a gift to every pastor. - Lloyd Wyman, Ministerial Director - PACIFIC UNION CONFERENCE OF SDA

Few have pursued so rigorously the potential implications of the Biblical holistic understanding of human nature for such matters as the state of the dead and the final state of unbelievers, as Dr. Bacchiocchi has done. The strength of Immortality or Resurrection? lies in his relentless pursuit of the meaning of the biblical text. Those who consider themselves biblicists cannot simply dismiss his findings out of hand. - William W. Klein, Ph. D., Professor of New Testament - DENVER SEMINARY

Immortality or Resurrection? is an admirably clear survey of the Biblical holistic view of human nature that incorporates both body and soul in one unified self. It is based upon sound scholarship. I especially recommend it for students, pastors, and church leaders. - Alan G. Padgett, Ph. D., President of Christian Theological Research Fellowship, Professor of Theology and Philosophy of Science, - AZUSA PACIFIC UNIVERSITY

Immortality or Resurrection? is thorough treatment of the subject and reflects accurate scholarship. The book is much needed today in view of all the misinformation that is sincerely but mistakenly published and preached on this important subject. - Elder Ralph Robertson, Ministerial Secretary - NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CONFERENCE OF SDA

Immortality or Resurrection? is a most helpful work showing clearly that the notion of an immortal soul it is no part of biblical Christianity and must not be allowed to overshadow the true doctrine of resurrection. - Robert Davis Hughes, III, Ph.D., Professor of Systematic Theology - UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH

Immortality or Resurrection? is a must reading for every Christian who wants to know the Biblical truth about human destiny. The book deserves to have a significant impact on contemporary Christianity as the Reformers had in their day. It overthrows the Greek view of natural immortality with a penetrating Biblical analysis. - Norman R. Gulley, Ph. D., Professor of Systematic Theology - SOUTHERN ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY

Immortality or Resurrection? is a landmark research that systematically leads the reader through the Bible evidence and arrives at the beautiful concept of Biblical wholism which restores and defends Gods character and shows indeed, that even in judgment, God is love! (Elder Dick Hansen requested 150 copies to donate to each pastor of the Oregon Conference). - Dick E. Hanson, Director Church Ministries - OREGON CONFERENCE OF SDA

Immortality or Resurrection? provides a careful, honest, and courageous study of biblical anthropology and its implications for our understanding of the Christian life, the afterlife, and the end times. - Pierre Gilbert, Ph.D., Academic Dean - MENNONITE BIBLICAL SEMINARY

Immortality or Resurrection? presents irrefutable arguments for the Biblical wholistic view of human nature and destiny. The book should convince every seeker of truth. We all are enlightened by it. - Warren S. Ashworth, D. Min., Professor of Religion, - PACIFIC UNION COLLEGE

For years I alerted my students to the real need for a Biblical study on human nature, the state of the dead, and human destiny. Happily, Dr. Bacchiocchi's Immortality or Resurrection? meets such a need. Its message is absolutely essential. - S. Douglas Waterhouse, Ph. D., Professor Emeritus of Old Testament - ANDREWS UNIVERSITY

Immortality or Resurrection? presents the strongest evidence for a wholistic view of human nature, and removes the basis for the belief in the survival of the soul . . . Keep extra copies on hand to give away to give away as you study . . . - Doug Kilcher, D. Min., Chair, Christian Ministry Department - ANDREWS UNIVERSITY

If ever there was a book for Bereans, Immortality or Resurrection? is probably it. Study it against Scripture and test the genuineness of your commitment to truth. - Lael O. Caesar, Ph. D., Professor of Religion - ANDREWS UNIVERSITY

Immortality or Resurrection? is destined to become a classic in its field. The book is a must reading in the light of recent debate over the nature and destiny of man, and especially, the current evangelical debate over the nature of hell. - Woodrow W. Whidden, Ph. D., Professor of Historical Theology - ANDREWS UNIVERSITY

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