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The Immortality of the Soul: A Protest

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by Joseph Agar Beet D.D.

August 25th, 1901


"Who Alone Hath Immortality"

THE following pages are a reprint of articles published in THE EXPOSITOR during the last six months. They are a protest against a doctrine which, during long centuries, has been almost universally accepted as divine truth taught in the Bible, but which seems to me altogether alien to it in both phrase and thought, and derived only from Greek Philosophy. Until recent times, this, alien doctrine has been comparatively harmless. But, as I have here shown, it is now producing most serious results. My protest against it is appeal, which no Protestant can disallow, from the traditional teaching of the Church to authority of Holy Scripture. Of justice ofthis appeal, my readers must judge. It will of course be said, of this as of some other doctrines, that, if not explicitly taught, in the Bible, it is implied and assumed there. But they who ask us to accept all important doctrine on this ground must prove clearly that it is so implied and assumed. For we cannot accept their mere dictum as evidence. They who claim for their reaching the authority of God must prove that it comes from Him. Such proof in this case, I have never seen.


August 25th, 1901

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Topic: The Immortality of the Soul: A Protest
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John Zacharias says...
In 1950, after serving as church minister in a Mennonite denomination for some 12 years, was excommunicated from the church for failure to preach eternal punishment/eternal life in hell. When asking his fellow ministers how and why they had become Christians they admitted that it was largely through a fear of hell. I have tried to talk about this matter to several friends, one of whom is a retired minister. It's as if I am challenging the very foundations of church doctrine. One even suggested that if it kept people out of hell it was a good thing. It seems that thecan't understand love of God through His Son Jesus Christ is of less importance than the fear of hell. I have listened to John Haggai and much as I am encouraged by his support of God's Chosen People, the Jews, I can't fathom his lack of understanding of John 3:16 and Romans 6:23.
5th July 2017 7:21pm
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