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Modesty, Clothing & God

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by Brent Riggs

August 26, 2009

“Our Clothing Sends a Message”

In today's world, modesty is a very serious issue for the Christian. Even ABC News referred to the modern female fashions as "hooker wear." If the unsaved can recognize that clothing has become inappropriate and immoral, then why is the modern Church mostly silent on the issue? The simple answer is because we are "competing" for church members and "friendliness" has become priority one for the unchurched. As well, teaching on modesty is seen as highly judgmental and not "seeker-friendly" towards those we seek to make comfortable in our churches.

On the other end of the spectrum there are segments of Christianity that dictate exactly what can be worn in terms of style, length and coverage. As I have personally witnessed, the rules are obeyed often times with the greatest of lawyerly care, and while keeping the letter of the law, the spirit of it is violated resulting in some very provocative and alluring styles of dress (even though length and coverage complies).

So, if you are looking for a list of rules, "do's and don'ts" or a checklist…. you won't find them in this series. Foundationally, this is not a matter of fabric inches, but one of a right heart.

Get the internal right, and the external will follow.


This principle is something that I repeat over and over in my writing. Some many times we are looking for a checklist, or set of rules… which is the easy way out. Checklists foster a "minimalist" attitude about Christianity… "how little can I do and successfully keep the rules?" The motive behind that is "how much can I sin, and still be acceptable?"

This is the very opposite of what a true Christian should be thinking. We should be asking, "what can I do to bring the most glory to God?". And when it comes to the issue of modesty and clothing, this attitude alone is capable of cultivating true modesty in us and our children. Any time we take that approach of "what can I get away with?" our standards will plummet predictably. You can always find ways around the rules. But when you are dealing with attitudes and motives of a heart that is directed and monitored by none other than the Holy Spirit Himself, the externals will take care of themselves.

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So as we discuss this list, keep in mind my main point:

  • Modesty comes from Godly heart, not a checklist.

  • Get the internal right, and the external will follow.

Our Clothing Was Invented By God To Cover Our Bodies

It is appropriate to understand the purpose for clothing. If you grasp why God desires us to be clothed, then conversely you will understand why the increasing LACK of clothing is inappropriate.

Originally, the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, did not need clothing. Why? Because they were "not ashamed" (Gen 2.25). They had not violated any of God's holiness by sinning. There was no lust, no immorality, no lewdness. The human body was the perfect creation of God. After Adam and Eve chose to sin and disobeyed God, that perfect holiness was lost and sense of shame came upon them (Gen 3.7-11).

Shame wants to be hidden. Shame wants to shrink back, cover itself and not be exposed. So from that point on, their bodies were now a source of shame because they were no longer in perfect fellowship and holiness with their Creator God. So Adam and Eve took large leaves, sewed them together, and covered themselves.

Modesty is the natural solution for the shame caused by sin and that shame has to be desensitized in order to be ignored.

This brings us to an interesting point about today's culture. We are constantly being bombarded with the idea that the human body "is beautiful" and "God's creation" and this is constantly used as an excuse for ever-increasing exposure of skin, and the intensifying of the sexual allurement of clothing. "Show what God gave you" is one of many wicked statements justifying the accentuation of the human body.

Deep down, every person knows that this overt immodesty we are seeing today is wrong; that's why a person doesn't go from one day dressing appropriately, to "hooker wear" the next. It happens in small steps, whether on an individual level or a societal one. The inborn sense of modesty has to be desensitized and suppressed. The shame of "nakedness" is overcome through a series of small steps that push the "modesty boundary" a little further each time.

We are teaching our young children to ignore the natural modesty they have.

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Today, we think it is "cute" for our little girls to wear clothing that would be considered immodest on a teen girl or grown woman. What message is this sending to them? Are they supposed to figure out that "real" modesty begins at a later age in life? Just because a child is young and physically undeveloped, does not mean that modesty is not an issue. As children grow, they become naturally "ashamed" or embarrassed to be seen naked. Then we start chipping away at that modesty by teaching them to wear all the "cute, little-girl versions" of grown up sexy clothing (miniskirts, short shorts, bikini's, etc). This desensitizes their natural sense of shame that comes from being uncovered.

For boys, this more typically begins in the teen years when "muscles" start showing. While we may see modesty as an issue for girls, boys showing off their muscles is basically a non-issue. Again, we are teaching them the ways of the world and stunting the natural "shame" that should come with showing off the human body for the purpose of attention and allurement.

God created clothing as the result of the appropriate and resulting shame that comes from sin. The basis of modesty comes FROM a desire to glorify God; it comes BECAUSE it is the natural result of the human shame for sinning against a perfect and holy God.

God then created clothing for Adam and Eve from animal skins. Why? Because the "shedding of blood" is always necessary to pay for man's sin. This was a foreshadowing of the blood that Jesus would shed to "cover" our sin, and "clothe" us in righteousness (Gen 3.21)

I've used the entire devotional this morning to develop this first point because it is important to understand the REASON we have clothing. Without this reason, it just becomes a subjective debate over what constitutes modesty, or worse, whether or not modesty is even an issue at all. After all, "God created the human body"; "the body is beautiful"; "it's natural"; as we hear so often today. There is a spiritual war in full force to make modesty and holiness a "side" issue of the prudish and old fashioned.

But modesty has a purpose straight from God. It has it's basis in our sinful nature and the resulting shame of violating God's holiness. So far from being a side issue, in truth, it plunges right to the core of our relationship with God and affects every other aspect of our relationship with Him.

With the modesty of our society PLUMMETING at an alarming pace it is important that we as Christians be ready to teach, defend, explain and practice modesty according to God. As the world grows more wicked, sensual and immoral, modesty will increase as defining trait of holiness.

Remember, modesty only STARTS with what clothes you wear…. it is an attitude of the heart; a statement of holiness about your entire life; and a part of being a "living sacrifice", pleasing and acceptable to God.

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Our Clothing Is To Prevent Confusion

It is far from politically correct today to say so, but guess what? Men and women are different. God created the two genders for specific roles, specific purposes and with specific characteristics. Yes, there are always exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking there is a very easily identifiable set of qualities that belong to men, and another that belong to women. (even those "exceptions" are not exempt from conforming themselves to God's plan)

God is very clear about the differing roles and natures of males and females. Only rebellious, prideful humans have distorted and blurred that distinction. Part of the reason for clothing is so that men will look like men, and women will look like women. No confusion, no guessing, no misunderstanding. If anyone reading this thinks this to be an unimportant point, just look around at all the gender confusion in our world and the heartache it causes. I am grateful that I grew up being taught to "be a man, look like a man, act like a man".

"A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the Lord your God. (Deuteronomy 22:5)

The feminization of society has been rampant since the '60′s and it is just now becoming somewhat acceptable again to be "manly"… not because of any Godly reason, but simply as a backlash to how "pretty" and "soft" men have generally become in the last two decades (at least publicly, ie, celebrities, models, etc.). Even still, the confusion and blending of styles, designs and fashions of both hair and clothing is far from being distinctive. Sadly, the greatest distinction we have today regarding femininity is the overt sexuality and skimpiness of women's clothing.

Clothing has always solidly identified gender and this is as it should be. Don't be tempted to get off into the "should women wear pants?" debates. Let's get real; pants, skirts, whatever… it is very easy as a Christian for you to ask God for direction about your clothing to help you maintain your unmistakable identity as a male or female. I have seen females in pants that could never possibly be mistaken for a man, and I have seen males in robes that would never be mistaken for a female.

Again, it's not a matter of rules and checklists; it's a matter of honoring God. Ladies, dress unmistakably like ladies. Men, be men; look like a man; act like a man; dress like a man. In doing so, both men and women will honor God.

Our Clothing Sends a Message

Your clothing sends a message. It can be one of materialism, pride or "look at me". It can be one of sexuality and provocativeness. Or, it can be a message of Godliness, propriety and modesty. like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation…. (1 Timothy 2:9)

Anyone with eyes can see that clothing today, especially with our young ladies, is getting just ridiculously sexual. Even an ABC News special called today's female fashions "hooker wear". The sad part about this is, a visit to most churches won't see much, if any, difference in the level of sexual allurement in the styles our young crowd are wearing. Granted, it's a tough battle for parents to teach their children and young adults to go against the extreme peer pressure, and secondly, to even FIND modest clothing anymore, especially for girls.

I took my teenage daughter shopping for clothes and was dismayed at how hard it is to find anything that is not skin-tight, or leaves the midriff and chest uncovered inappropriately. I'm not exaggerating this point. It was quite a chore to try and find clothing that was of modest length and fit. I found myself having to make moderate compromises in what I would have PREFERRED, while trying to not violate my conscience about modesty in my daughter.

The hardest part is, our kids don't even realize it is an issue. They only know what they know, and what they have seen. Today's clothes don't seem to be immodest to our children because they have never seen differently. The constant bombardment of half-naked women and muscle-flexing males is so common place that it simply doesn't seem to be an issue to the younger generations.

The other day we received a health and fitness magazine in our mail. The cover, of course, had a women in a bikini next to a body builder. My son picked it up and was looking at the cover and I told him to throw it away. I immediately was treated to the "what's the big deal" look and question. I asked him to tell me the difference between a barely dressed woman on the cover of a fitness magazine versus a barely dressed woman on the cover of a Playboy magazine. He got the point, but I could still tell that he really thought I was making a big deal out of nothing.

To a degree, he has a point. Everyday he sees billboards, advertisements, commercials, and girls at school who are intensely sexual in their style of dress. So seeing the cover of a fitness magazine is "no big deal", relatively speaking.

Our clothes send a message. It can be a message of godliness and modesty; or one of lust, materialism or pride.

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Our Clothing Should Help Us Avoid Sin

Our clothing should never attract sin, or draw us towards sin. How is that possible? If a young lady is wearing the latest "hooker wear", what kind of attention will she get? What kind of boy will be drawn to her? Will it be a person who admires her Godly demeanor and wants to get to know her better? Or will it be those who are attracted physically to her, wanting a sexual relationship?

This isn't rocket science. Modesty attracts righteousness. Immodesty attracts immorality.

We are doing ourselves and our children no favors whatsoever by ignoring this issue. We trade the short term attention and adoration that comes with alluring clothing for the long term holiness that comes with modesty. We can't have it both ways. You can't dress in a sexually alluring manner and attract the Godly, respectful and faithful man that you dream about. It is never too soon to start teaching this principle to your children; or too late to start practicing it in your own life.

Galatians 6:7-8 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. (NKJV)


I hope you are starting to see that modesty truly is an important issue. I've seen many people, and many parents who basically just give up, and give in, to the world's onslaught of immoral fashion. They've got "bigger issues" to deal with. Don't give in, don't ignore it, and don't lose heart. Modesty is an issue of the heart and our attitude towards it reflects our attitude about holiness.

Lord, Help us to understand that modesty is an issue of the heart. Help us to know and understand the reason why You have made clothing and modesty a part of a holy life. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Contemplation: What message does your clothing send out? What message does your kids clothing send out? Does it even matter to you? Does your clothing help you avoid sin, or lead you to it? What about your daughter's? What about your son's?

Application: Modesty is an issue that is becoming more and more critical. Our kids are being raised in a world where modesty is laughed at as old fashioned and prudish. We must teach them God's truth on the matter… right after we commit to living it ourselves.

Our Clothing Should Not Be a Tool of Manipulation

Our clothing should not be used to manipulate people. How's that, you say? A woman could use alluring and immodest clothes to get a male co-worker or employer to favor her in some way. A man might use clothing to give someone the impression that he is something or someone he is not, in order to get the desired outcome.

Manipulation of fellow humans for personal gain or desire, in all forms, is deceitful and dishonoring to God. Our clothing should never help us to manipulate others.

Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't dress to make a good impression; or dress appropriately for a certain occasion or circumstance. Yes, a suit and tie might be called for at a job interview, when you rarely ever wear one otherwise. That is just good manners and respect. But borrowing a $1500 suit one time to give the impression of wealth and status would surely be manipulative.

For females, it's a little more cut and dried. If you wear certain clothes (or less clothes) in order to help you control and manipulate others, then you are dishonoring God. It's no secret how idiotic and brain-numbed a man can become when a beautiful woman in provocative clothing turns on the charm. Ladies, to resort to using your body and your beauty to manipulate men, is a very sad and dishonorable way for a Christian woman to behave.

Your clothing should have no other purpose or intent other than that of glorifying God.

Our Clothing Is To Show Separation From The World

This is where we start hearing the cries of "judgmental!" and "prude!". Our clothing should show that we are different from the world. This point is becoming even more intense and important given the ridiculously sexual and immodest trend that we see in today's fashions.

We hear it most vocally from our kids, but I think we adults are just as guilty sometimes: we want to wear what is POPULAR and impressive. We want to fit in, be in style. Now remember, there's nothing inherently wrong with any style of clothing, assuming it is modest. But there is something wrong with the attitude of wanting the latest fashions and styles in order to fit in and be accepted by the world.

This fashion dilemma betrays a very deep and real problem with the modern, western Christian… we want to look like the world, act like the world, talk like the world, have the same material goals as the world, enjoy the same things as the world, be accepted by the world… but yet claim to be "separated" from the world. In any other universe, that would be considered absurd; but it is common place with today's Christian; and a big part of it has to do with clothing (followed closely by entertainment).

My son asked me, "Dad, how come you don't like 'such and such' Christian band"? I replied, "well son, they dress exactly like every other rock band; the female lead singer prances around in great looking jeans and clingy blouse; the music is exactly like any other rock band… but they throw in some Christian words, most of which you have a hard time understanding."

News flash… if it looks like duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… guess what? It's a duck.

But we live in a world today where you can look, walk and act like one thing, while claiming to be another. Christianity is no exception, especially when it comes to what we are wearing.

Therefore "Come out from among them And be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, And I will receive you." (2 Corinthians 6:17)

Our clothing does not have to be Amish (and I would say they are certainly nearer to the right idea than the typical church is, IF you had to choose one or the other). However, our clothing SHOULD show that we are not following the ways of the world. How? By showing that we don't have to have the latest fashions and styles to impress people. By wearing clothing, ladies, that is modest and does not draw attention to your body.

The world uses clothing to say "look at me!" Christians should wear clothes that say "look at God!"

Our Clothing Is To Reflect God's Ownership Of Our Bodies

Along the same lines, our clothes should help in the overall statement that we belong to God; that we serve Him; and that all we do, including our dress, honors Him.

Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? (1 Corinthians 6:19)

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. (Romans 12:1)

Our bodies our temples in which the Holy Spirit of God Himself dwells. If we were to ever really grasp the true meaning of that, it would drastically change our lives. We would surely not sin as much or take sin so lightly; and we most certainly would not clothe God's temple in something shameful or immodest.

We are "living sacrifices" laying down our lives on a daily basis, a minute-by-minute basis and surrending to God's will and God's way. Our clothing should reflect this attitude. God owns us. Are you asking God, the owner of your body, what type of clothing He would like to have on His temple?

Modesty is an issue of the heart and our attitude towards it reflects our attitude about holiness. Clothing today has become (like most material posessions) a way to make a statement about "SELF". That was never God's intention. Clothing has two main purposes: to cover the shame of our nakedness produced by our sin; and to honor God through our modesty and obedience.

As Christians we can't have it both ways. We cannot serve two masters. We can't walk and quack like ducks and claim to be eagles. It is most especially true with our young ones and our ladies, that we need to seriously reconsider how conformed we have become to the world's standards concerning modesty and clothing.

Lord, Help us to understand that modesty is an issue of the heart. Help us to know and understand the reason why You have made clothing and modesty a part of a holy life. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Contemplation: Does your clothing in any way allow you to manipulate those around you, either through a statement of "status" or through lust? Does your clothing keep you firmly associated with the world or make a statement for Godly modesty? Does your clothing make a statement about Who owns your body, and Who indwells it?

Application: Today, clothing has become mainly a "statement" of status, a way to allure, or an attempt to fit in. None of these reasons are what God had in mind. Clothing has two main purposes: to cover the shame of sin, and to glorify God. Those purposes are becoming lost in our collective conscience even while retaining them has become increasingly more important in this age of immodesty and materialism.

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Our Clothing Must Not Encourage Lust Of The Flesh

This is pretty much a running theme through all the points of this series. Given the sexually charged society we live in, it should probably be even more emphasized.

Lust is rampant in Western society. Clothing, male included, but especially female, has reached a ridiculous level of immodesty and provocativeness. Even clothes that actually cover skin are still primarily designed to accentuate and highlight the body.

This point is becoming particularly hard to communicate effectively today, especially to our younger folks. Like the proverbial frog being boiled to death in a slowly heated pan of water, our youth do not have a sense of the rising "heat" in today's fashions because it's all they have ever known. A trip to a junior high, a high school, a local shopping mall or any summer time activity is quite literally an opportunity for a "lust fest" should one desire to indulge in it.

Ridiculously short shorts, bare midriffs, vacuum-packed shirts and pants, plunging necklines…. it really is becoming a situation of "Sodom and Gomorrah" proportion. Again, even the clothes that actually cover up some skin are typically very tight, form-accentuating, and unmistakably designed to say "look here"… "now look here".

Today's church typically has a"safe distance" mentality about morality, modesty and materialism.

Is the Church environment any better than the world when it comes to immodest clothing? Sometimes. Often not. We have a "safe distance" mentality about morality. What does that mean? Well consider the safe distance rule about driving…

When driving, you know how they teach the "two second rule" about following a "safe distance" behind the next car? You pick out a stationary object on or beside the road. As the car in front of you passes that object, you begin to count, "thousand one, thousand two". As long as you have not passed that same object before counting "two", then you are a "safe distance" behind the car in front of you.

It doesn't matter if you are going 10 miles an hour, or 90. The distance changes between you and the car in front of you; but it's all relative. They speed up, you speed up. They slow down, you slow down. As long as you keep your distance of "two seconds".

This works great for driving safely, but it's a catastrophic approach to morality or holiness. The world is going "90 mph" down the road of immorality. The typical Christian appears to be pretty "good" because they are a "safe distance" behind the world. But compared to God's Word, we are driving recklessly. (Thank you to Dr. John Barnett for teaching me this valuable illustration!

We are not to compare ourselves to the world. We are not called to keep a "safe distance" but to be "separated". We are not to judge our level of modesty and holiness against the world. A sheep looks soft and white when standing on dirty ground; but that same sheep appears filthy and dirty when standing in fresh, pure snow. God's Word is our "fresh pure snow" when it comes to determining what is modest and holy.

Staying a safe distance behind the world is not a Godly approach to modesty. We must find out God's standard regardless of what the world is doing.

Our Clothing Demonstrates Where You Are At Spiritually

"You can't judge a book by it's cover"… well isn't that a bunch of hogwash! Okay, I know what it's supposed to mean. It means you don't judge someone by the color of their skin, or by their level of physical beauty, or even by the quality of clothing they have on.

When it comes to modesty, the cover says a LOT about the book.

When it comes to MODESTY, the "cover" says an awful lot about the book. I can tell a WHOLE lot about a book that has the word "Penthouse" and naked lady on the cover! In the same way, our clothing, and our attitude about modesty goes a LONG way in making a statement about where we are at spiritually. Our "cover" (clothing) says much about our "book" (heart). Our clothing and the corresponding modesty makes a statement and gives non-verbal indications about topics such as:

  • Do I know God's Word?

  • Do I take God seriously?

  • Who owns my body?

  • What is my attitude about sin?

  • What is my attitude about purity?

  • What is my attitude towards the opposite sex?

  • What is my attitude about money?

  • Am I in close fellowship with God?

  • Do I take my Christian testimony seriously?

  • Am I more like the world, or like Christ?

  • Am I more attached to the world, or to God?

There is a lot than can be "judged" about our "cover", however, I'm not suggesting we start running around and "judging" or confronting every person's spiritual condition based on a tight blouse or a pair of low cut jeans. What I am suggesting is this:

  • Individual Christians should start seriously considering and evaluating what they wear, and in light of God's Word, what statement is made publicly about our private spirituality

  • Parents should quit ignoring/minimizing this issue and realize that clothing and modesty is a integral part, and statement, about the spiritual lives of children and parents alike

  • Church leaders should should evaluate the need for teaching and instruction in this area; and evaluate the spiritual effect on your flocks that results from ignoring the plummeting standards of modesty in our culture today.

  • Whether collectively as the modern church, or as individual Christians, our clothing, and our modesty, make very powerful statements to a watching and dying world about our faith, our God and our commitment.

Do we need checklists? No. Do we need lists of rules and clothing guidelines? Not at a "group" level, though parents may find it helpful when teaching their children what is acceptable and what is not (and I have seen where "attire guidelines" have been useful and appropriate to determine what is acceptable for a person who represents a local church at a public function). My point remains: external constraints, while sometimes useful and appropriate, will not change a person's heart.

We don't need the "mod squad" (Modesty Police) running around like the Taliban in the Middle East beating people every time an elbow or ankle appears. What we do need are leaders, teachers and parents who see the seriousness of this issue and can properly and lovingly convey God's Word to those under their spiritual care.

As the world grows less modest, and ridiculously immoral, this issue will only rise in importance. It's not going to get better by ignoring it.

Lord, Help us to understand that modesty is an issue of the heart. Help us to know and understand the reason why You have made clothing and modesty a part of a holy life. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Contemplation: Does any of your clothing encourage lust from the opposite sex? For you guys with muscles, do you show them off? Ladies, have you asked your Godly father, husband or another male whether your clothing is provocative to men? What does your clothing say about your level of Christian maturity? Does your clothing send out the message that you are serious about holiness?

Application: This is a matter of the heart. There are times when guidelines or clothing rules will help guide people of certain ages or situations, but generally speaking, a person's heart must get right about modesty before any real and lasting changes are made. Clothing and modesty are becoming ever more serious, and important as we move into these perilous immoral times.

James 1:22But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

  • What is the most obvious Bible truth we have learned today?
  • What change in your life needs to be made concerning this truth?
  • What specific thing will you do today to begin that change?


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Comments (34)

Topic: Modesty, Clothing & God
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Robby says...
Great Article
Amen! This would not be popular at all in today's church, but it doesn't change the fact that its the truth....
9th December 2014 6:11pm
Barbara Godding says...
You can stick your modesty up the Wazoo you have no right telling people what they can or cannot wear. Mind your own business.
9th December 2014 6:16pm
James - webmaster says...
Barbara, Jesus says in Matthew 5:28, "?whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. " To encourage women to dress in a manner that would not provoke lustful thoughts and desires is not only a Christian's "business" but a Biblical imperative. "You shall love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12:31). "Love does no harm to a neighbor" (Rom. 13:10). Do you honestly think that immodest dress has no harmful effect on your neighbor? 1 Peter 2:11 says, "Beloved, I urge you as aliens and strangers to abstain from fleshly lusts which wage war against the soul." To love our Christian neighbor is to do all we can to help them win that war. Women that dress immodestly, whether knowingly or in ignorance, are an enemy in that war rather than an ally. And, although the men will be accountable for their lusts, women who provoke those lusts will be held accountable as well. They become the stumbling ... Read More
9th December 2014 6:16pm
George says...
Surely it is a women's duty to dress immodestly so that men can learn how to look at them without lustful thoughts. By hiding the women you just allow men to avoid becoming better christians. Better to remove the root cause of the problem don't you think. If a women loves her neighbour as you say she should, then she really shouldn't let him avoid personal growth.
4th February 2015 5:51am
James - webmaster says...
So, according to that logic, Jesus would have rather had women like Mary dress more like hookers because, according to you, they were not doing their duty toward their fellow man in helping them to become better Christians. I guess then that strippers would be the most loving of all and all Christian men should go to strip clubs so they might expedite their spiritual growth in this area. That is absurd. The truth is that being aroused by nudity is a God given desire and necessary for the propagation of mankind, however, the only nudity God intended man to ever see was that of his own wife. When Jesus spoke of looking at a women with lust He had in mind the fully clothed women of His day. In other words, those who would be aroused by a fully clothed women would most likely be aroused by a lingering look that took the time to first undress her in the mind which perverts and goes beyond our God given desires. However, in this modern day the majority of women are already half undressed ... Read More
5th February 2015 7:56am
George says...
Well actually my argument allows Mary and others to dress comfortably without fear of being objectified by men. There is a massive gap between stripper clothes and everyday wear that you label immodest.

Your straw-man argument about strippers is irrelevant because there is a difference between the motivation behind a stripper who wants to profit from our lustful thoughts so actively draws us to it, and the motivation of a woman who wears a swimsuit to go swimming on a hot day.
8th February 2015 1:42am
Amy says...
No, your comment did not allow that. You mentioned immodest clothing and our duty to dress that way to help you men in your Christian walk. You place a very unfair, dangerous burden on our shoulders. How about encouraging men to protect women and girls instead of telling them to help men to become stronger by making us dress immodestly and exposing ourselves to men who aren't trying to conquer lust. Speak for your own gender. Immodest clothes are never comfortable. There is a constant pulling, tugging, and adjusting game that must be played, and unhealthy and uncomfortable constraints on the way the body is meant to function.
28th October 2016 9:53pm
Ripsimeh says...
You know it is so tireing speaking with people any more. He has his right to say how he sees the Bible. And lets face it with all the abortions, divorces etc. I think America in general has issues with this. I think we Americans mostly are like the ancient Egyptians. Go study that.
6th April 2016 6:36pm
Laura says...
I am a woman, too. Since getting married, i have become immodest more and more, thinking my husband wont look at other women if i dress like them or 'more feminine. I want to love the LORD first in my life like before actuall much better than before. Its important to be Holy. God has given us free will but i completely agree with the author and im so glad to see that it's a man who wrote this because he cares to show from the Bible what i know to be true about what God knows is healthiest and more glorious just Good. God bless you. I cant wait to make changes especially for y son to see his mommy not immodestly dressed.
27th August 2016 10:33pm
Katie says...
Dear Sister,
Always be a Mommy that your Son can hug. When he looks at you, let him see Christ!
3rd December 2017 5:55pm
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